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Integrating Inner with Outer Life

If you want to achieve happiness and balance in your life it is critical that you integrate your inner life with your outer life. This is not a new concept and yet it is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve in real life. In our society most of our focus is placed on the outer world. That is the world of action and visible results. However most of these results originate from our inner life, the world of feelings, thoughts, dreams and  aspirations. The inner world is the field of psychology, personal growth, and spiritual development. The outer world is the field of science, technology, politics and social relations. The two worlds are intimately intertwined, to the point where it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the two. asking yourself a question: Where is my attention directed, inwardly or outwardly?

Inner&Outer Ying Yamg

The whole point of this proposition is that only by integrating the inner with outer can we achieve true balance in life. Which means we need to spend more time on our inner world and value it just as much if not more, in some instances as outward performance. This is true not only on the personal level, but also in organizations and communities.

The boundaries of science need to be expanded to examine our inner life with the same rigor of scientific investigation. There is no reason why we cannot apply scientific methodologies to the study of meditation or personal development.

The more we are aware of in our inner drives and aspirations the easier it is for us to navigate through life. Political agendas and manipulation can also be demystified by looking at people’s beliefs, values and conditioning. Personal relations with our loved ones can be dramatically improved by working on our inner self. In fact, no matter what area of your life you’re trying to improve, integrating your inner life with your outer, is critical to your success.



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